Delicious SF: As Quoted

As you already know, I am searching high and low for the best cafes throughout San Francisco! My dear friend, Caroline, has been a huge fan of "As Quoted" since they opened their doors last year, so I figured that I should check it out. Let me tell you, I was not disappointed. 

All of their food is organic and farm to table with a delicious seasonal menu. There are also several gluten free and dairy free options for my friends out there with dietary restrictions!

The cafe follows the minimalistic decor theme that I love so much with plenty of sunlight streaming in and lots of white, white, white! I arrived at around 9am and decided to have breakfast and camp out for the next couple of hours sending emails, taking phone calls and of course snapping a few pictures.  I would highly recommend As Quoted for not only a casual and beautiful place to meet friends for breakfast, but also as a great work escape. 

Name: As Quoted

Location: 3613 Sacramento St. (Laurel Heights)

What to get: Being the avocado toast fan that I am, I of course had to give theirs a try. As expected, it was delicious, especially considering that they served it on gluten free bread! I honestly couldn't even tell the difference between their homemade GF bread and my beloved gluten filled bread... When I was about to pay for my avocado toast and Earl Grey tea, I spotted fresh banana muffins coming out of the oven, so I of course had to try one as well. Wow, so good!

Let me know what you think of As Quoted!


Rachael Claire