Hello old friend!


Hello old friend! 

I can’t believe that it’s been over a year since I last posted on The 20-Something Girl! Even though I’ve enjoyed the break, there have definitely been a few moments when I missed being able to come on here and tell you about a cool adventure that I went on, recommend a new restaurant, or even just to update you on what’s been going on with me. My travel bug has been in full swing this year which actually brings me to why I am popping my head back in on The 20-Something Girl!

I have had a ton of you reach out to me this past week about my adventure that I went on in London and Paris with my two gals, Callie and Lauren! Turns out, several of you lucky ducks are also planning similar trips for this summer and wanted recommendations. While I was trying to summarize a jam packed trip into texts, I figured the better way to share would be here, on the trusty blog! After looking up my old passwords and trying to remember how to post, I’m back!

So, even though I doubt I’ll be posting regularly, I am excited to start sharing a few experiences that I think you will all love from time to time. 

Stay tuned for detailed rundowns of London and Paris in the coming days, including where we stayed, what we did and alllll the things we ate (trust me when I say, we definitely didn’t starve)!


Rachael Claire