Delicious SF: Cafe Reveille

Now that I am living in a new city, I am so excited to explore all of the delicious cafes, restaurants, bars that SF has to offer! So, I have decided that each week, I am going to visit at least one new cafe and share my favorites with you here on the blog. 

I have always been someone that feels the most at home once I have my "go to" restaurants figured out, so hopefully I will have a pretty good list after this SF food crawl! 

Name: Cafe Reveille

Location: Mission Bay (open from 7:30am - 3pm)

Atmosphere: I am a huge fan of bright and white spaces with plenty of windows, and this is exactly how Cafe Reveille is designed! They also have plenty of outdoor seating for non-rainy San Francisco days (which unfortunately, today was not.) What I love the most is that the cafe is comfortable for both a breakfast/lunch crowd, but also had a fun atmosphere for a glass of rose at the bar in the afternoon.  

What to get: I am a big fan of their three "toasts," avocado, fried egg & avocado, and soft scramble but you can also try their homemade granola & sweet cream or even a Croque Madame! For lunch, I have heard that their housemade burger is to die for. I am the most excited though to try their weekend brunch (mimosas and a homestyle breakfast anyone?!)


Rachael Claire