Drunken Champagne Bears

Happy New Years everyone! I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday season with friends and family... We spent Christmas in Mexico relaxing and spending time together, (read about it here and here) and brought the new year in with family friends, just outside of San Francisco.

We had a couple of dinner parties to go to to celebrate the new year and I wanted to make something that was fun and festive, so drunken bears were perfect! These are ideal for any party that you may be attending or throwing in 2017...  absolutely delicious!

I decided to order champagne bears from Sugarfina because they already have a champagne flavor and I knew that they would work well soaking up even more champagne. I ordered two boxes and that was more than enough for a group of 15 people (but, that is if people are only having a few bears each.)

Pour the bears into a mixing bowl and pop some bubbly... I just used a basic brut champagne that I picked up at the grocery store.

Make sure that you pour enough champagne into the bowl so that the bears are completely covered.

Once your bears are covered, let them sit out on the counter at room temp for 10 hours. During this time, your bears will soak most of the champagne right up!

After about 10 hours, drain the remaining champagne that was not soaked up and lay the bears on a large plate or tray to dry out.  At this point, you will notice that the bears are little bit swollen... mine were pretty thirsty apparently!

Then, I put the tray in the refrigerator for a few hours and I think that it made a huge difference. After trying the bears both ways, I preferred them when they were cold.

Right before you are going to serve your drunken bears, take them out of the refrigerator and place them on a plate or in a fun bowl/cup to show them off. Enjoy!


Rachael Claire