Paradise found! My Margarita Shack in Mexico

Hola from Playa del Carmen, Mexico! I have spent the past week in absolute heaven. My family has been to this area pretty regularly for the past three years and I have never seen the weather as consistently beautiful as it has been this trip.

One of my closest friends, Lauren, tagged along for about five days and we had such a blast (more on our adventures later!) Yesterday though, we stumbled upon this picturesque margarita shack on our afternoon beach walk and I just had to share it with all of you. If I were to run away, this is probably where you could find me!

We learned that you can not only enjoy your margarita of choice at this little shack on the beach, but can also order lunch to be served at this table in the sand... we will have to plan ahead for that next time!

Finding a little margarita shack on the beach is pretty much as close to finding my paradise as I can get. So happy!

Order up!!

These are the most delicious margaritas that I have had in a long time! Don't get me wrong, you can never go wrong with a classic margarita, but this Rose Margarita was heavenly with its muddled fresh blueberries.

I am also mildly obsessed with this one-piece suit by Solid and Striped. It is called the Anne-Marie and I am wearing it in Navy & Cream Stripe (it comes in several other colors too!)


Rachael Claire