20-Something Style: Weekend Getaways

If you have been following The 20-Something Girl recently, then you know I am all about my weekend getaways! Ever since I graduated from college and entered "the real world," my weekdays have pretty much been spent inside at a desk. So, when the weekends roll around, I try to take as many mini adventures as I can to explore the great state of California. 

This tote bag by Toss is perfect because it is big enough to hold all of the essentials for a night away and can also double as an oversize purse! I am a huge fan of large blanket wraps for fall as well, especially for long travel days or exploring new towns in the brisk fall weather. The Toss wraps are perfect because they are thick enough to keep you warm, but aren't so large that they swallow you up whole!

Toss Travel Wishlist:

Florence Mia Travel Bag in Taupe ($148) The Florence Mia Bag comes in Black also.

The Hunt Wrap in Green and Tan Camo ($68) This wrap comes in other patterns and colors as well!


What are your fall travel must haves?


Rachael Claire