The 20-Something's Weekend Recap

Happy Tuesday everyone! I don’t know about you, but I am trying to recuperate from a fantastic long weekend. I spent mine doing some of the things that I love most including hiking, going to the farmer’s market, riding rollercoasters at the county fair and feasting on the 4th of July.

Farmer’s Market

Going to Pleasanton’s farmer’s market on Saturday mornings is my favorite things to do each week. I love walking by each tent and sampling fresh fruit, veggies, granola, and even croissants. I don’t know if any of you visit your local farmer’s market regularly, but over time, I have found that I always stop at the same stands. I have formed a friendship with the women and men who own the different farms and I really look forward to seeing them each week.


Here is my typical shopping list:

 Fresh Blackberries and Strawberries


Multi-Colored Cauliflower

Purple Carrots

Spicy Arugula/ Romaine Lettuce

Green Beans/ Asparagus

Fresh Wild Atlantic Salmon/ Fresh Halibut

Peaches or Nectarines


County Fair

Going to the Alameda County Fair with friends each summer is one of my fondest memories growing up. I always loved going on all of the rides, (minus the ones that went upside down) playing carnival games and walking through the different booths. So this weekend, I convinced some of my friends who don’t live in the area to go to the fair with me. We had such a blast just being kids running from ride to ride and praying that we didn’t run out of tickets before it was time to go!

 4th of July BBQ

We ended up having such a great time at my 4th of July BBQ! We ate quintessential American summertime food, danced to the latest hits and my friends even invented their own 20-Something Summer Cocktail. (More on that delicious drink later) I think that the biggest success though was my aunt’s homemade banana pudding. Check the recipe out here.

After we ate dinner, we were so stuffed that we decided to take a walk through the neighborhood and ended up playing the 8th hole on our golf course! We eventually made our way back to the house for s’mores by the fire pit and of course watching the fireworks.

I have to say that I loved having my closest friends with me this weekend. There is nothing better than just laying around talking and laughing with the people who know you the best.

Hope that everyone has a fantastic week!


Rachael Claire