The 20-Something Girl Hikes through California

Happy almost Hump Day! I hope that everyone’s week is going well so far… and a very special birthday shout out to my sista Erin Sheridan!!!

You know how I said a few weeks ago that I really want to do a better job of exploring this beautiful state I live in, well I took a step in the right direction this past weekend. I went on two incredible hikes that truly showcased what northern California has to offer.

Lands End

The first hike was on Friday with three of my close girlfriends from high school. We drove to the city to do the famous “Lands End” hike that overlooks the Golden Gate Bridge.  I really enjoyed walking along the cliffs and looking out at the ocean. There is just something about the smell of the morning at the ocean that I just love.

We ended up doing the hike early in the morning which may not have been the best idea since it was still pretty foggy and cold. As the day went on, the sun came out in the city. So, if you are planning on doing this hike this summer, I would recommend starting around 2 or 3 in the afternoon. This is definitely a hike to check out if you are looking to explore the city from a different viewpoint.

The Ridge

The second hike that I went on was on Saturday morning with my mom and dad. My mom woke us up early to do her favorite hike in Pleasanton, The Ridge, before we made our weekly trip to the Farmer’s Market.

Hiking the Ridge was definitely more of a workout, and less of a scenic adventure, but none the less we had a great time. It was a complete change of scenery because we were surrounded by huge trees and lots of dirt/dust during our 2 hour winding journey through the hills of the east bay.

I am really loving the idea of exploring the state through hiking, so if any of you have any suggestions for local hikes that you have enjoyed, let me know!


Rachael Claire