A Summer of Mini Adventures Pre "Real World"

Now that I am home from Mexico, and settling into post-grad life, I have been thinking about mini trips I want to take before I start working full-time in the fall. Even though I grew up in California, I sometimes feel like I have not taken the time to fully explore the state now that I am older. 

I am working part-time this summer at the company I worked for last year, so that leaves plenty of time for weekend adventures with friends.

Here are some of the places I am planning weekend getaways to:


I grew up going to the wine country a lot with my parents. Since we are the only ones in our family who live in California, we would always make the trip whenever people came to visit us. Last summer however, was the first time that I could fully experience all that wine tasting had to offer, and I had so much fun with it!

One of my closest friends (and my little in my sorority) will be living here this summer and will be turning 21 over the 4th of July weekend. So, we have decided to plan a fun weekend celebration in Sonoma. We did some research last week and we found some great activities:

  • Sunrise Hot Air Balloon ride 
  • Champagne brunch in the vineyards
  • Wine Tasting Bike Tour 
Lady Hattan

Lady Hattan


When I was in 7th and 8th grade at St. Joseph’s, we took class trips to Yosemite and I had so much fun. In 8th grade, we pitched our own tents and spent the night in the park with the intention to hike Half Dome the next day. Unfortunately, a huge storm came through that night and we didn’t get to hike at all… so I am ready to go back now and explore the beautiful park. 

My friend Sophia and I have been talking about doing this trip with a couple of our other mutual friends for a while now and we are so excited to finally make it happen. I want to pitch a tent, make s’mores and hike for hours! I know how cliche this sounds, but I really just want to take it all in and appreciate Yosemite’s beauty.

Travel: US News

Travel: US News

San Francisco

Even though I have lived just outside of San Francisco for most of my life, I haven’t done many touristy things lately! I still don’t know where I will be living come fall, so I want to explore the beautiful city.

My parents and I have spent lots of time in the city going to incredible restaurants, seeing broadway shows and of course shopping, but I have never spent an entire weekend there just exploring… and that is something that I definitely want to do, be a tourist in my own city!



A drive down the California Coast

My best friend, Callie, has been dying to drive the California Coastline from San Francisco down to LA and I think that I am going to join her on the week-long adventure. I have driven to LA several times throughout the years but I always take the 5 which is by no means a scenic route. 

Callie moved to Florida when we were in 7th grade and we only get to see each other a couple of times each year, so I would love to do this road trip with her. (Check out my 20-Something Girl Spotlight on Callie here.) 

Watch out Cali, Callie and Rach are coming for ya! 

budget travel

budget travel

Disney World 

I know that Disney World is not in California, but I am still trying to do a long weekend trip to Florida with Callie. I have been to Disneyland in southern California many times, but I have never actually made it to Disney World, and the way I see it, there is no time like the present! My parents have been laughing that I am so set on taking this trip since I am a 22 year-old, but honestly, I am still a big kid at heart and there is nothing that I would love more than being immersed in magic for a weekend.

the odyssey online

the odyssey online

Any suggestions for weekend getaways would be greatly appreciated :) I am trying to take advantage of this summer before real adulthood sets in and I won’t have time to take long weekend trips anymore.

Hope that everyone has a great week!


Rachael Claire