A 20-Something Girl's Graduation Fiesta

Today is officially my last day of school… ever! So to celebrate, I threw a Fiesta last night to celebrate with some of my closest friends that I made during my time at Wake Forest.  One thing that I have really loved about college, and getting older in general, is that my friends are not confined to my grade level. Some of my closest friends are younger, and I love that it doesn’t matter.  However, because of that, a lot of my friends won’t be around campus during graduation week to celebrate with me so I decided to do it a little early.

If you know me well, you know that there is not much that I love more than a good margarita. So of course I made the party Mexican Fiesta themed!

What We Drank

Margaritas of course! I decided that if I was going to throw a real fiesta, then I needed to go all in and make the margaritas from scratch. My friends absolutely loved them because they are not too sweet and actually not that bad for you either.

Check out my margarita recipe here!

Since I had about 15 people coming and didn’t want to be stuck in the kitchen making individual margaritas all night, I decided to make about 30 servings up ahead of time and store it in a large pitcher that I bought at target! I would highly recommend this. Make sure to have lots of ice sitting around though to fill your cup with, because this recipe is strong! A little goes a long way.

What We Ate

Taco Bar! One of my closest friends, Sophia, came over to help me set up and cook, and she made the most delicious homemade salsa and guacamole. I like to joke that she must have burnt her taste buds off because everything she makes is so spicy! The tacos and salsa/guac were absolutely delicious and were a huge hit!

How I Decorated

 I actually got all of the decorations for the party from Target! I knew that I wanted to line the wood railings with lights and I found these cute colorful lanterns right when I walked into the store. So my bright color theme quickly fell into place with pink, yellow and pink cups, colorfully striped straws and a fun tablecloth. 

The silver balloons spelling out "CHEERS" was something that I have always wanted to do, so I just went with it for this party. They ended up making a really cute backdrop for pictures too.

I think that the best setting of the night though was the huge fire pit that we share with the other houses on our street. It was just installed this year and it is so beautiful because it overlooks our small lake. We sat out there after dinner and made s'mores, listened to music and talked for hours.

What We Listened To

For some reason, I always equate eating Mexican food with country music, so that is exactly what we listened to! It was so funny because I got so many complements on the playlist but I found it on Spotify. It is the "Hot Country" playlist... I guess it was a winner so if you like country music, check it out!


Rachael Claire