5 minute Chocolate Covered Strawberries

One sweet treat that I can never get enough of is chocolate covered strawberries! So, I decided that for our Oscar's Viewing Party I would make this super easy dessert for my friends to enjoy with their glass (or two) of wine.

This recipe is extremely easy to follow and your friends are guarenteed to love you for bringing these chocolate covered strawberries to your next brunch, dinner party or girls night!



2 cups semisweet chocolate chips 

1 container fresh strawberries


1. Pour 2 cups semisweet chocolate chips into a microwave-safe bowl.

2. Wash strawberries under cold water, and let dry completely so that the chocolate will stick!

3. Microwave chocolate for 4 minutes, stopping to stir chocolate every 30 seconds.

4. Place parchment paper on a cookie sheet and set aside.

5. Once strawberries are completely dried, dip them in the hot chocolate, and place on cookie sheet.

6. After all of your strawberries have been dipped in chocolate, place cookie sheet in refrigerator for 1 hour

7. Place cooled strawberries on a plate and enjoy!


Rachael Claire