The 20-Something throws a Christmas PJ Party

Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014

For the past 8 years, a group of my closest girlfriends have been getting together for a Christmas sleepover complete with matching PJs, cookie decorating and holiday movie watching! It became especially cherished when we all moved away for college but were reunited each winter break. So, I thought that I would share our beloved tradition with you all. Here are some ideas for the perfect Christmas Pajama Party…

Cookie Decorating

You can’t have a Christmas sleepover without baking some delicious cookies! For the past few years before I would head home from school for winter break, my friends would get together to decorate sugar cookies. I would recommend baking a bunch of classic sugar cookies ahead of time so that they are cooled and ready to be frosted, sprinkled and enjoyed when your party starts.

If sugar cookies aren’t your thing, then peanut butter blossom cookies (recipe on the back of a bag of Hersey kisses,) gingersnap cookies or homemade warm chocolate chip cookies will do the trick too!

Trimming the Tree

I have to say that seeing the finished product of a fully lit and decorated Christmas Tree is one of the most beautiful sights that there is.  Have each person bring an ornament to the party to hang on the tree that is special to them. By the end of the night, you will have a beautiful tree for all to enjoy.

Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013

Movie Time

Christmas movies always make me so happy, even the cheesy Hallmark Channel ones! But the one that will go down as my all-time favorite is The Grinch. There has not been one Christmas that I have not watched it at least once. There is something about all of the snow, bright colors and theme of love and acceptance that really puts me in the Christmas Spirit. What are your favorite Christmas movies?

Celebrate Each Other

My family has a tradition that on each person’s birthday, we go around and say one special memory that we have with that person and why we love them… I think that this can be applied to the Holiday Season as well. After all, the holidays about spending time with loved ones, so what’s a better way to celebrate those we love than by telling them what they mean to us? So cozy up by a roaring fire and get started!

Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012

So invite all of your girls over and pour yourselves a hot cup of hot chocolate... and even add a candy cane for kicks! 


Rachael Claire